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Brass Clips, Snaps and Hardware
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 Solid Brass Hardware

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  • Brass is considered a metal alloy created when two natural elements, copper and zinc are combined. Of the two metals, copper makes up the bulk of the combination ranging from 70% to 83%.
  • Using 17% to 30% zinc helps the outcome of the piece to become more durable and also affects the color.
  • The less zinc used, the more red the color of the brass. The optimum color of brass is considered to be a rich gold.
  • Brass is a very useful metal. It is very flexible and is easily shaped into just about any conformity. Brass does not break easily and is harder and more durable than copper alone.
  • Brass does not rust and is an excellent conductor of heat. 


O=Snap Opening

E=Eye Opening


Order #


Extra small bolt snap

Extra Small
Swivel Bolt Snap

L=2"   O="   E="



small bolt snap

Swivel Bolt Snap

L=3"   O="   E="



medium bolt snap

 Swivel Bolt Snap

L=3"   O=⅜"   E="



large bolt snap

 Swivel Bolt Snap

L=3"   O=⅜"   E=1"



extra large bolt snap

Extra Large
Swivel  Bolt Snap

L=5"   O=⅝"   E=1"



small double end bolt

Small Double End
 Bolt Snap

L=3"   O=⅜"



medium double end bolt

Medium Double End
Bolt Snap

L=4"   O=⅝"



large double end

Large Double End
Bolt Snap

L=4"   O="



butterfly bolt snap

Butterfly Bolt Snap

L=3"   O=⅜"   E=⅞"



small trigger

Small Trigger Snap

L=2"   O="   E="



large trigger

Large Trigger Snap

L=3"   O="   E=⅞"



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