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Bungee Cord

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Our standard of performance is defined by just three words: "Quality Through Consistency."

Bungee Cord


Bungee Cord Attachment Clamps

Bungee Cord
Cone Hooks

Bungee Cord
Crimping Pliers

Bungee Cord
Plastic Hooks

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      Bungee Cord EZ  Splice and Thimbles


Please read everything so you order the right size, color and length. Returns are as costly to us as they are to you.
Call 1-800-633-4837 if you have questions!

"If you are looking for perfect safety, you will do well to sit on a fence and watch the birds..."
Wilbur Wright

What is Bungee Cord? -- Detailed description for DYI users.


Our Bungee Cord is constructed of continuous rubber elastic strands with an outer nylon sheath. Bungee cord materials consist of Polypropylene 1/2, heavy duty nylon, OCE fiber 1/2, and EPDM 1/2 rubber strands.

Excellent resistance to abrasion and fatigue.

Good stretch ability combined with good recovery rate.

Longer lasting than surgical tubing.

Once, cut to order, no return or exchange.

When you purchase more than 10 ft, your bungee will be in one continuous length.


"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."
Napoleon Hil



Available Sizes of Bungee Cord to Select: 1/16" to 5/8"
Colors: Solid Black or White with Black Trace (Lines) Available

All prices listed are for 10 foot lengths:

To order 10 ft, your quantity would be 1
To order 50 ft, your quantity would be 5
To order 100 ft, your quantity would be 10
To order 150 ft, your quantity would be 15
To order 500 ft, your quantity would be 50

A 15% Restocking Fee may be charged on returns. There is NO restocking fee for Exchanges unless you cut the bungee cord into different lengths.

Normal lengths of Bungee Cord come on 50 ft, 100 ft, 300 ft, and 500 ft spools.  If you order 60 ft, you will get a 50 ft continuous length spool and a 10 foot length separately (except for Zero Gravity Chair orders which will be one continuous lengths.)
Size Color/Trace Diameter
Min. Breaking
 Strength in lbs


Order #

 Price for
10 ft  Length
1/16" Solid White .062/.024 Unknown Unknown RS062-CER10 $4.00
1/16" Black .062/.024 Unknown Unknown RS062-MER10 $4.00
1/8" White/Black .125/3.17 35 lbs

120% ± 15%

RS125-CER10 $6.00


.125/3.17 35 lbs 120% ± 15% RS125-MER10 $6.00
3/16" White/Black .187/4.76 75 lbs 120% ± 15% RS187-CER10 $7.00
3/16" Black .187/4.76 75 lbs 120% ± 15%% RS187-MER10 $7.00
1/4" White/Black .250/6.35 125 lbs 120% ± 15 RS250-CER10 $8.00
1/4" Black .250/6.35 125 lbs 120% ± 15% RS250-MER10 $8.00
5/16" White/Black .312/7.93 185 lbs 120% ± 15% RS312-CER10 $9.00
5/16" Black .312/7.93 185 lbs 120% ± 15% RS312-MER10 $9.00
3/8" White/Black .375/9.52 215 lbs 120% ± 15% RS375-CER10 $10.00
3/8" Black .375/9.52 215 lbs 120% ± 15% RS375-MER10 $10.00
7/16" White/Black .437/11.09 280lbs 120% ± 15% RS437-CER10 $12.00
1/2" White/Black .500/12.70 325 lbs 120% ± 15% RS500-CER10 $13.00
1/2" Black .500/12.70 325 lbs 120% ± 15% RS500-MER10 $13.00
5/8" White/Black .625/15.88 500 lbs 120% ± 15% RS625-CER10 $20.00
5/8" Black .625/15.88 500 lbs 120% ± 15% RS625-MER10 $20.00

Click Here for Zero Gravity Chair Replacement Kits and Instructions

Everyone would like a life without any hardships. However, hardships are part of life and make our happier times even sweeter. Hardships also help us to strengthen our character and really make us a better person. Remember, there is always a bright side on the other side of any hardships we face.

Last week I ordered 30 ft of bungee. You sent me 10 ft, so I emailed and asked for the remaining 20 ft.
You sent me 38 ft, 18 ft too much. I love you guys! I want to mail you a check for the difference.
Charles L. Chip Smith
North Carolina Department Of Transportation

Bungee Accessories

Click Here to learn how to attach the Bungee Cone Hooks to the Bungee Cord

Bungee Cone Hooks  (Plastic Coated Steel)

The Size of the Bungee Cone Hook fits the same size Bungee Cord

Inches          mm
Part #  Price Each
3/16" Bungee Hook/5mm

A   2-11/32"      59 mm
B   19/32"        15 mm

RS187-SH 69¢
1/4" Bungee Hook/6mm

A  2
-3/4"        69 mm
B   13/16"       20 mm
RS250-SH 79¢

5/16" Bungee Hook/8mm

A   2-13/16"     71 mm
B   25/32"       19 mm

RS312-SH 89¢
3/8" Bungee Hook/9mm

A   3-3/32"       78 mm
B   27/32"        21 mm

RS375-SH 99¢
1/2" Bungee Hook/12mm

A  3"             79 mm
B  27/32"         21 mm

RS500-SH $1.29


Bungee Attachment Clamps  (Stainless Steel)

Note: When buying your clamps, you purchase the same size clamp as the same size bungee, for example, 3/16" Bungee uses 3/16" size bungee attachment clamps.
Click Here for Technical Information about Crown, Opening, Closed ID and Gauge Information on Clamps

Sample of Bungee Attachment Clamp
Size Image may vary according to your computer monitor Size Part # Amount in Each Pack  Price
1/8" Clamp

1/8" Clamp RS125-SSC10 10 each 99
1/8" Clamp RS125-SSC20 20 each $1.98
1/8" Clamp RS125-SSC50 50 each $4.95
1/8" Clamp RS125-SSC100 100 each $9.90
  Size Part # Amount in Each Pack    
3/16" Clamp

3/16" Clamp RS187-SSC10 10 each $1.24
3/16" Clamp RS187-SSC20 20 each $2.48
3/16" Clamp RS187-SSC50 50 each $6.20
3/16" Clamp RS187-SSC100 100 each $12.40
  Size Part # Amount in Each Pack    
1/4" Clamp

1/4" Clamp RS250-SSC10 10 each $1.49
1/4" Clamp RS250-SSC20 20 each $2.80
1/4" Clamp RS250-SSC50 50 each $7.00
1/4" Clamp RS250-SSC100 100 each $14.00
  Size Part # Amount in Each Pack    
5/16" Clamp

5/16" Clamp RS312-SSC10 10 each $1.74
5/16" Clamp RS312-SSC20 20 each $3.48
5/16" Clamp RS312-SSC50 50 each $8.70
5/16" Clamp RS312-SSC100 100 each $17.40
  Size Part # Amount in Each Pack    
3/8" Clamp

3/8" Clamp RS375-SSC10 10 each $1.99
3/8" Clamp RS375-SSC20 20 each $3.29
3/8" Clamp RS375-SSC50 50 each $9.95
3/8" Clamp RS375-SSC100 100 each $19.90
  Size Part # Amount in Each Pack    
1/2" Clamp

1/2" Clamp RS500-SSC10 10 each $2.49
1/2" Clamp RS500-SSC20 20 each $4.98
1/2" Clamp RS500-SSC50 50 each $12.45
1/2" Clamp RS500-SSC100 100 each $24.90
  Size Part # Amount in Each Pack    
5/8" Clamp

5/8" Clamp RS625-SSC10 10 each $2.99
5/8" Clamp RS625-SSC20 20 each $5.98
5/8" Clamp RS625-SSC50 50 each $14.95
5/8" Clamp RS625-SSC100 100 each $29.90


Bungee Crimping Tools
(No Refund once purchased)

Please Note: If you are not buying the specially made pliers for the bungee cord, you might consider buying extra bungee clamps.  There is a learning curve in mastering how to use the bungee clamps.  The bungee pliers have a "special groove" made in them for the bungee clamp to fit.  The clamps fit perfectly around the bungee. With regular pliers, it is more difficult but can be done.

Use with Bungee Clamp Size

Color Part #  Price
1/8"   3/16"   1/4"


Pliers 1 $19.95
1/4"   5/16"   3/8"  


Pliers 2 $19.95

1/2"   5/8"


Pliers 3 $19.95

Bungee Cord Hooks (Plastic)

  • Open or closed plastic hooks eliminate the need for the Bungee Cone Hook.

  • The plastic sleeve conceals the end of the cord. No tools are needed for assembly.

  • These hooks are not as strong as the metal cone hook but are great for assemblies making tarps, attaching to objects, tie downs, and many other uses.

  • Available in open or closed sizes.

  • Two different sizes available.

Picture (above) of Assembly of
Plastic Bungee Cord Hooks with Bungee Cord

Size Image may vary according to your computer monitor.


Style Part #  Price

6mm Two Piece Plastic Bungee Hook
with Tongue

Fits 1/4" Bungee Cord

A      2 1/4"     57 mm
B      9/32"     7.143mm


Closed RS251-H 69¢

6mm Two Piece Plastic Bungee Hook

Fits 1/4" Bungee Cord

A   2 1/4"   57 mm
B   9/32"    7.143 mm



RS250-H 69¢
8mm Two Piece Plastic Bungee Hook

Fits 5/16"
 Bungee Cord


A   2.680"    68 mm
B   .453"     11.2 mm


Closed RS252-H $1.49


Toggle Balls
For Use in Making Assemblies With Bungee, Rope, or Other Materials

How to Assemble the Toggle Ball(s) with Bungee Cord, Click Here

Toggle Balls Description Color Part #  Price/Each
For Use with 5/32" and 3/16" Bungee Cord, Rope, etc.

For use on 3/16"  (3.96mm) and 5/32" (4.76mm) bungee cord

1" (25mm) White
Toggle Ball
White RS187-WTB 35¢

10 Pack

1" (25mm) White
Toggle Ball
 10 Pack
White RS187-WTB10

for 10 Pack



For use on 3/16"  (3.96mm) and 5/32" (4.76mm) bungee cord

1" (25mm) Black
 Toggle Ball
Black RS187-BTB 35¢

10 Pack

1" (25mm) Black
Toggle Ball
 10 Pack




for 10 Pack


For Use with 1/4" Bungee Cord, Rope, etc.

For use on 1/4"
or (6.35mm) bungee cord
1-3/16" (30mm)WhiteToggle Ball
White RS250-WTB 45¢

10 Pack

1-3/16" (30mm) White Toggle Ball
10 Pack




for 10 Pack



For use on 1/4"
 or (6.35mm) bungee cord
1-3/16" (30mm)Black Toggle Ball







10 Pack

1-3/16" (30mm)Black Toggle Ball
10 Pack




for 10 Pack





  • Professionally made splice without hours of work. This is the easy way instead of the old method of splicing rope or bungee and stronger since stainless steel pins actually pierce through to hold the rope or bungee together.

  • Save time and money. Construct a reliable custom splice in minutes. Use the EZ Splice Fastener on any type of rope, line, or bungee cord. Marine-tested for strength and reliability. In most situations, the line will break before the splice fails.

  • The patented EZ Splice fastener makes the complicated task of splicing fast and simple. Save time and money by creating your own custom splice for dock lines, spring lines, anchor thimbles, tie down straps, tow harnesses and much more. The product is manufactured in the USA from a very durable proprietary polymer; the pins are made from high-quality stainless steel therefore the EZ Splice fastener is U/V and corrosion resistant.

  • The economical EZ Splice fastener will allow you to create an attractive, permanent splice anytime anywhere. A must have item for all marine enthusiasts. Don't leave the dock without it!

  • In addition to the wide variety of marine applications, the EZ Splice fastener has been a popular item with RV enthusiasts, landscapers, arborists, snowmobile riders, ATV enthusiasts and outdoor sportsmen. The EZ Splice fastener is great item to have on hand at home, on the farm, at the ranch or at your private hunting camp. Strong enough for towing...

                        Splice it yourself " it'sEZ!"



2 Bungee Splice Pieces with SS Pins in each Kit (Black or White)

1/2" Bungee Splice White RS500-EZW $19.95
1/2" Bungee Splice Black RS500-EZB $19.95
5/8" Bungee Splice White RS625-EZW $19.95
5/8" Bungee Splice Black RS625-EZB $19.95

 White EZ Splice shown in picture above.

Package includes 1/2" galvanized Thimble, ultra violent and corrosion resistant polymer splicing block, stainless-steel pins, and whipping tape.

  • Assembly instructions included.
  • Make it easy for yourself-this kit does all the work!
1/2" White Eye Splice Thimble Kit RS500-EZWT $10.95
1/2" Black Eye Splice Thimble Kit RS500-EZBT $10.95

Disclaimer for Bungee Shock Cord

All products are subject to failure when exposed to extremely high stress or incorrect usage. Reef Scuba Accessories will not be responsible for serious personal injury and or property damage based on the following:
  • Cord that is stretched too far: Do not stretch your bungee cord greater than 75% of its static length limits. Stretch the elastic cord cautiously, as uncontrolled release can cause severe injuries to unprotected body parts, particularly to the eyes.
  • Widely Varying Load Pressures: Do not use when load variations or shifting in large proportions as in top heavy loads or lengthy items, particularly where movement may create extensive swaying or rocking action as to cause abnormal wear on the bungee cord.
  • Airfoil Type Load: Do not secure a large surface which can "airplane" or rise through the air, such as a surfboard
    or large section of plywood, etc.  While the bungee will hold the piece in place, the pressure from the air will cause the bungee to stretch and give way to securing a tight control on the item you are tying down.
  • Used Without Good Judgment: Reef Scuba Accessories cannot be responsible for  Bungee Elastic Shock Cord use in situations where the bungee cord is used for creating a situation where injury is possible. When in doubt, use regular twine cord or chain.
  • Do not use old or badly frayed bungee cord.  It is less expensive to replace the bungee cord than to take risks.
  • This statement is here, not only as a disclaimer, but to make you think of the consequences that could happen if you do not use your bungee cord properly.

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in our heart.

“I have been dealing with Reef Scuba for 21 years now. They have the highest quality products at a fair price.  These people will go out of their way to accommodate your request. Thanks!”

John H Plusquellic
Sidney, Maine

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  1. Polypropylene - A thermoplastic polymer (a material that is plastic or deformable) made by the chemical industry and used in a wide variety of applications, This allows polypropylene to be used as a replacement for engineering plastics. Polypropylene is rugged, often somewhat stiffer than some other plastics, reasonably economical, and can be made translucent when uncolored but not completely transparent as polystyrene, acrylic or certain other plastics can be made. It can also be made opaque and/or have many kinds of colors. Polypropylene has very good resistance to fatigue.

  2. OCE fiber - The type of fiber used in the nylon sheath that gives it additional strength and durability. Has higher resistance to ultraviolet rays and extreme heat - up to 160 degrees.

  3. EPDM rubber - Ethylene propylene diene monomerrubber is a rubber compound which is characterized by a wide range of applications. When the application requires the rubber to withstand atmospheric conditions; ozone, sunlight  general purpose EPDM rubber is most suitable. Good ageing properties.  EPDM rubber is used in seals; glass-run channel; radiator, garden and appliance hoses; tubing; washers; belts; and electrical insulation. It is also used as a medium for water resistance in high-voltage polymeric cable jointing installations, roofing membrane, rubber mechanical goods, plastic impact modification, thermoplastic, vulcanizates, as a motor oil additive, pond liner, and electrical cable-jointing applications.

Information obtained from: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia